[White Paper]
Cyber threat handbook 2020
Organised cybercrime
Organized cybercrime has today reached an unprecedented level on a global scale.
This phenomenon of incredible complexity is demanding and questions us as much as it threatens us.

Cybercrime according to several observers, and in particular the ANSSI, will be the greatest threat in the years to come.
But how to understand a phenomenon so diffuse, so moving and intertwined?

How to guard against a phenomenon that we do not definitively understand, whose contours are blurred, even though the level of threat
that it generates today involves crucial strategic risks for organizations and societies?

It is this decisive question that the technical analysis team of the cyber threat (CTI) of Thales, wanted to explore in order to offer our partners and the general public with keys to understanding the overall functioning of organized cybercrime.

Today's crime demands an ability to adapt our technical knowledge and our analysis.
Through this report, we wanted to explore new modes of understanding bringing to technical knowledge, mastered by our community, strategic analysis keys that are much rarer.
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